The Origins of COVID-19

How Did COVID 19 Come About?

The coronavirus disease, COVID 19, caught our world unawares, and the effects have been more than devastating. Currently, there are more than five million people infected with well over 300,000 deaths worldwide. Billions of dollars have been lost both in productive output as well as in palliative and healthcare costs. Our economies are shut down, and once-bustling cities have become ghost towns with everyone having to stay indoors.

It is mind-blowing that all of this has occurred in less than 6 months. The virus has gone from a public health emergency to a full-scale pandemic. In its wake, it has left us scrambling for a cure or a vaccine or both.

There’s a high level of curiosity about the disease: What exactly is this pandemic? How did it come about? Where did it originate from? Some of these facts are still sketchy as there have been different accounts and the trading of blames among the world’s most powerful governments. It’s difficult to know which is fact and what is mere conjecture.

In this post, we’ll just give you what has been known and said so far and leave you to decide which to believe or discard.

When did this start?

The first reports about widespread infections due to an “unknown” virus in Wuhan, China originated sometime in December 2019. It was said to have started from an illegal animal market in Wuhan. The market was known for the trading of animals like bats, snakes, marmots and other animals not legally sanctioned. Despite this theory, the coronavirus has still not been traced to any particular animal.

The Chinese government took action by shutting down the animal market in Wuhan and trying to inspect and disinfect it on the 1st of January, 2020. Unfortunately, it was already too late as the virus had begun spreading among humans and most likely outside the market or even Wuhan by that time. By the 21st of March, WHO medical staff at the Western Pacific Office got infected, and from then, it ballooned into the catastrophic global emergency that it has now become.

Conspiracy Theories, Accusations and Counter Accusations

As is often the case when humans come up against hitherto unprecedented situations, a lot of alternative explanations have sprung up about how the virus came about. Even world leaders and important people are not left out of these sometimes-combative opinions, here are some of the.

Chinese Lab

People in the west, including government functionaries, have claimed that the virus was accidentally released from a lab in China. Others have even gone as far as to claim that it COVID-19 was biologically engineered to attack the west.

American Military

Perhaps in a bid to retaliate against the accusations from the west, reports also emerged from China that the virus came into china via an American military base located there.


Who is right or wrong? We may not know yet, but the world must come together to fight this virus that has morbidly threatened the wellbeing of our species.

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