Is COVID-19 Treatable? Here Is What We Know

What we know: How Covid-19 is treated at present

Before talking about how the virus is treated, we would start by pointing out the things that do not work. Perhaps due to the anxiety surrounding the existence of this disease and the desire to return to regular life, several medicines and “magic” treatments have been flaunted as a cure for COVID-19.

It is important to keep in mind that none of these so-called cure has actually worked as advertised, and for emphasis, below are a few of them:

Alcohol: While Alcohol is useful for wiping surfaces and as a component in hand sanitizer, drinking alcohol will neither cure nor prevent COVID-19.

Hydroxychloroquine: This drug, commonly used to cure Malaria in the past, has repeatedly being touted as a possible cure or even preventive measure against Covid-19. While there were a few positive cases, it has been shown to also be accompanied by side-effects – sometimes as severe as heart problems. More importantly, the trials conducted on this drug were not conclusive enough for it to be adopted widely as a viable cure.

There are a lot of other ineffective options that have been touted as cures, but they are not the main focus of this post. So, how are Covid-19 patients currently treated?

Just like with other viruses, the most effective way to fight it is by boosting the immune system and allowing your body to defeat it on its own.

Therefore, to treat Covid-19, a two-pronged approach is adopted which includes boosting the immune system, and treating whichever symptoms show up. Below are the ways through which this is achieved:

Immune System Strengthening

Diet: Immunity to diseases is achieved through a healthy diet. Covid-19 patients under treatment are fed well-balanced meals with proteins, vegetables and fruits while avoiding unnecessary sugar intake and junk.

Sleep: Sleep-deprived people are particularly vulnerable to being sick, hence, COVID patients are confined to getting as much bed rest as they can.

Exercise: There’s a limit to how much exercising can be done by someone who is critically ill. However, as much as possible, light exercising like yoga and stretching can be useful in keeping the body fit to fight.

Water: It cannot be overemphasized how important it is to keep the body constantly hydrated.

Vitamin C: This is administered via fruits and drug supplements and is a critical component in keeping the immune system in top shape.

Tackling The Common Symptoms

Pain Relievers: This is used for symptomatic patients who are feeling body pain and need some sort of relief.

Cough syrup and other medication: Coughing and sore throat, as well as respiratory difficulty, are common symptoms of the virus and syrups and other medication can help to assuage them.

Ventilators and Respirators: These are expensive equipment that becomes necessary at advanced stages of the disease when patients have difficulty breathing.


nterestingly, the recovery rate from the virus is quite high provided treatment is sought early, and symptoms are promptly attended to.

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