Urban Myths and Legends: How 5G Networks Got the Rap for Coronavirus

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You’ve most likely come across articles on the internet linking the 5G technology to Coronavirus and probably laughed it off as a silly conspiracy theory. Well, there has been a lot of them during this epoch-making period in history. You can read about another COVID-19 conspiracy theory here. Unfortunately, while you may dismiss them as not worth considering, a lot of other people take these claims seriously.

In the UK for example, protests broke out concerning the insinuations connecting 5G and the Coronavirus. Consequently, 5G masts and communication towers were burnt down, destroying millions of pounds in telecoms companies’ investments.

The above shows that conspiracy theories can be dangerous with debilitating effects on our lives and livelihoods. Therefore, it is important to, first of all, understand them to identify the ideas on which the incorrect thinking is based, and how to correct them.

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The Conspiracy theory

How exactly does anyone link 5G to the Coronavirus? The first thing that proponents of this conspiracy theory will tell you is how fast internet connections on 5G will be compared to 4G, and they are right. Also, they claim this will require higher bandwidth and emit more radiations, again, this is correct.

However, where they get it wrong is in claiming that the increased radiations will be harmful to human health. And not just that, it is claimed that the increased radiations can penetrate through human tissue, causing various forms of cancer and ultimately leaving the immune system weak and vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

Another version of the theory goes further to claim that COVID-19 is just a façade and that it’s the radioactive waves generated from the 5G network that is making people sick and killing them.

Debunking the Myth

The most important thing to keep in mind when explaining this technology to people is the kind of waves over which internet information is transmitted. All the generations of internet technology- 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G – work with radio waves, which are on such a low frequency and according to the  WHO, there is no sufficient information to prove that  they can harm the human body.

The harmful radioactive waves are high energy and high-frequency waves like X-rays, Ultraviolet light and Gamma rays. Even though more of the radio waves may be generated with 5G network than the previous generations, they are still not anywhere near harmful enough to cause any severe conditions that may make people vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

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The South Korea Example

To further prove the harmlessness of the 5G to human health, it would help to take a look at the first country where the technology was deployed. South Korea started providing 5G services in April 2019, meaning it had been in use for well over 7 months before the first cases of Coronavirus were reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019.

No cases were reported in South Korea until January 20, 2020. Also, South Korea is not anywhere among the countries most hit by the Coronavirus either in infection numbers or death rate.

Last Words

Importantly, Iran and Spain, two of the countries with the highest numbers of cases and deaths have zero 5G penetration. Consequently, it is obvious that the link between 5G and the Coronavirus has no basis in scientific evidence and should be discredited.

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