This Is The Reason Bill Gates Is Linked To COVID-19

Why Do People Link Bill Gates with the COVID19 Outbreak?

When faced with unprecedented circumstances, it is only natural for humans to come up with various explanations- sometimes accurate and most times inaccurate. This is particularly applicable to a pandemic like the COVID-19 virus situation which has, so far, not had a cure or vaccine yet. Even the source of the virus has not been concretely identified yet.

All of this uncertainty has led to the formulation of various conspiracy theories about the origin and nature of the virus. Some of these conspiracies have involved one of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates.

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The billionaire founder of Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been at the centre of some of the COVID-19 conspiracy theories, here are two of the theories and why people believe them:

1. Personal Profit:

In 2015, Bill Gates gave a speech at the famous ‘Ted Talks’ about how the next big thing might not be a nuclear war but an infectious virus just like what Covid19 has turned out to be. Before this time and after, he had given various warnings about the world getting prepared to deal with such an eventuality. Now, after the emergence of the pandemic, some people on the internet say he perhaps knows something about it.

According to these sources, he had been attempting to create panic about the virus which was being secretly developed by his company and other powerful people in the world. The theories go on to say that a vaccine has been developed secretly by Gates as well and after enough people have been infected, the vaccine would be released and sold to make lots of profits for Gates and his partners.


As stated in this post, researchers have agreed that the Coronavirus was not likely created in a laboratory, hence this conspiracy theory is completely baseless.

2. Vaccine Tracker to Monitor Everyone:

Being one of the biggest donors at the forefront of the efforts to combat Covid19, Bill Gates has come up with various ideas on how to bring the world back to normal after the pandemic, or rather how to live with it.

One of these ideas is the creation of digital certificates on implantable microchips to show individuals’ Coronavirus condition. This digital certificate will contain information that, when scanned, can tell whether an individual is infected by the virus, has gotten vaccinated (when a vaccine is eventually created), has gotten treated, or has never had the virus.

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This will make a whole lot of activities easier and safer, for example, travelling. Customs official can easily scan the microchip implant to tell if an individual is safe or infected and this will inform the decision on whether to quarantine them or allow them entry into the country.

Again, conspiracy theorists have claimed that the real purpose of the digital certificate microchips is for tracking people and getting information about them to implement world control in the new world order. This is another conspiracy theory that has led to calls for Gates to be tried for crimes against humanity.


It is obvious that these theories are only borne out of panic, fear and inadequate knowledge in the face of a virus the world has never hitherto experienced.


There is no factual basis to link Bill Gates with the onslaught of COVID-19. He might have played Nostradamus with the wealth of information at his disposal. Yet, he cannot be made the fall guy for the world’s problems.

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