How To Live Safe Everyday In A Covid-19 World

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With COVID-19 Spread, you want to consider these safe home practices

These are unprecedented times and it can become quite overwhelming thinking of ways to keep safe. Daily news reports of increasing cases and deaths do not help and can aggravate the already existent feeling of gloom.

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Well, it’s time to turn off the TV, log off social media, stop reading the news for a while, and find out what you can DO rather than worry. The number of deaths or new infections may not be in your control, but you can take steps to keep your home safe in this trying period.


Find out from the tips below:

Zero Invitations: The virus does not spread unless people spread it. This is not the time to have your friends come over to say hello or share a meal. If there’s any keeping in touch to be done, phone calls and video calls over the internet should suffice. Even meetings with as much as 10 or more people are done online, so there’s no excuse. As much as possible, keep other people away from your home.

Set Ground Rules and Make them Visible: We all know the precautions for staying safe; hand washing and so on. Sometimes, we may get carried away and forget to do these things. Putting up visible reminders in places around the home can help to improve compliance.

For example, hanging a simple sign at the entrance of the living room, with an inscription, “Go wash your hands” can be very helpful. Also, another sign above the living room door, just before you leave could say “Grab your nose mask and hand sanitizer.” That way, everyone is reminded to take precautions and stay safe.

Incorporate Healthy Living as a Family Culture: In this article, you will find tips on boosting your immune system and staying healthy. Achieving this often requires a change in habits, and that doesn’t just happen in a day.

However, it’s easier to incorporate healthy habits when it’s done in groups. The family is a very strong societal unit for getting that done. Eating properly, exercising, and drinking more water can be done as group activities, thereby, helping everyone stay healthier.

Keep Negativity Away: COVID-19 is the most discussed topic on the internet, in the news, and practically everywhere. It is easy for it to come up as a topic of discussion over dinner or even at random times. If you have taken all the necessary precautions and steps, then there’s no point worrying about it at home again.

The home should be a safe space where members can find peace and happiness and escape from the grim reality of the pandemic ravaging the world. Consider scheduling activities like watching TV shows, playing board games, or even reading together periodically. All of these will keep the mood positive and make the home as mentally safe as it is physically safe from the Coronavirus.

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Putting all of the above into practice will keep you and your family safe through this COVID-19 season.

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