If You Have An Underlying Health Condition, Here Is Your Guide To Surviving The Covid-19 Scourge

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In a COVID19 World, what should people with underlying cases do?

Fortunately for us, one of the most surprising characteristics of the COVID-19 pandemic is its low fatality rate. Researchers estimate that only 3-4% of infected patients eventually die from the disease. It is even insinuated that this figure may be lower after correcting for deaths arising from extenuating circumstances.

As low as the death rates might be, there is a certain demographic at high risk of losing their lives if infected by the Coronavirus. These are people who have pre-existing conditions known as comorbidities.

What are Comorbidites?

These conditions include diabetes, hypertension, cancer, asthma, and other ailments faced by people. Understandably, this is the case because the ability to recover from COVID-19 is dependent on the strength of the immune system.

The body’s immune system might have become weakened after battling the previously mentioned underlying conditions. Already weakened, such individuals’ immune systems are unable to put up a fight against the invading virus, and they eventually succumb after some time.

How To Be Prepared

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The important question now becomes “how can people in this category stay safe with their current health crisis?” Below are a few tips.

Don’t Panic: Especially for people with underlying heart conditions or high blood pressure, getting excessively worried will negatively impact your health. News and social media have recently been awash with negative stories, so you want to stay away from those. Being in a positive frame of mind is critical to staying healthy in these times.

Be consistent with your regular treatments: This is not the time to skip medication or forget to take insulin shots. If necessary, use a calendar, a mobile app, or an alarm system to keep track of the required times to take your drugs.

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Follow all necessary precautions: We’ve seen them in ads and posters a million times over: Wash your hands, cover your cough, wipe surfaces… All these precautions should be taken even more seriously by people with underlying conditions. You can check out this post for more details on simple daily habits to boost your health.

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Imbibe general healthy habits: In a previous post, we discussed tips for keeping your immune system strong during the pandemic. People with underlying conditions need these guidelines more than anyone else and will greatly benefit from clicking the link and putting those suggestions into practice.

Report any symptoms early: Self-medication and wishing away persistent coughs and dizziness is a lot riskier with the double threats of Covid19 and an underlying condition. Most states and regions have a Coronavirus Disease Control Centre, call to report any symptoms and get tested as soon as possible.

Avoid hospitals if you can: Hospitals are unfortunately hotspots for contracting the virus because sometimes, infected patients are treated regularly before being tested for COVID-19. If you can afford it, hire a personal physician who comes to administer treatments at home for your pre-existing medical condition(s).

Having an underlying ailment during this pandemic does not have to be a death sentence. By following the steps above, you will increase your chances of staying alive and safe.

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