COVID-19 Management In Schools. What Should Parents And Kids Expect?

Social media is awash with jokes or even complaints by parents who are practically frustrated with having to look after children all day due to schools being closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kids can be a handful to cope with, and everyone is looking forward to when schools reopen, so they can expend all of that excess energy on school work. Just like everyone, both parents and students or pupils, look forward to having schools reopen, it is interesting to think about what schooling will look like in the months to come:

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Minimal Contact! Really! Children are naturally active and like to get handsy; play with each other, share food and snacks, and generally, just be in touch with their friends. It is difficult to imagine a scenario in which social distancing will be enforced among kids, particularly the younger ones.

However, for their safety, that of their friends, and the society at large, it is important to reduce contact as much as can be done. Possible ways to get around this might be teaching the students the importance of these precautions using interactive videos and other visual aids.

Hand Washing and other Hygienic habits: For older people, we only learnt about hygiene as topics in subjects like elementary science and home economics. Now hygiene has gone beyond that to become a matter of life and death. Image showing School kids

Schools will have to get students to imbibe the culture of washing and sanitizing their hands often- or even go as far as enforcing the habit to ensure compliance. Of course, this is not for the students alone, teachers and other educational staff have to ensure they adhere to hand washing and other precautions as well.

Mask Wearing: As strange as it might feel to picture a class of adolescents or even younger kids all wearing a mask in a classroom with hardly distinguishable faces, it is a valid possibility. Researchers have shown that the spread of the virus can be significantly slowed down through the wearing of face masks in public places, and schools can in no way be left out of this trend.

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Online Learning: As optimistic as we may want to be, the truth is that the virus is not likely going away anytime soon. Even worse, researchers have warned of the possibility of periodic resurgences of the virus on the scale of spread that we have recently experienced. What does this mean?

Even if we’re able to reopen schools soon, there is no assurance that there won’t be a need to close them down again at some point in the future, if another outbreak occurs. It is, therefore, critical for schools to adopt online learning as much as possible, in the event that there are more school closures.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many more ways in which the new normal will look way different from the world we have always known. Hopefully, the tips here will help you and your kids prepare for the reopening of schools.

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