With Coronavirus Still Lurking Around The Corner, Here Are Core Immunity Boosters In Your Garden To Enrich Your Diet And Stay Healthy

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Canned soda, instant noodles, fast food and lots more; the list is endless. These are all quick options; foods that do not take too much time, and more importantly, are not too expensive to put together. Particularly now that many people are working from home, it’s easier to make an order on a mobile app and have dinner ready in a few minutes.

It’s an interesting paradox of human character that we know these foods are potentially harmful to our health, particularly those containing processed sugar. At a time like this, when there is a potent threat, the Coronavirus, it becomes more pertinent to eat healthy to keep the immune system strong and the body safe from the virus.

The most frequent excuse when it comes to eating healthy is that organic foods can be expensive, and they take time to prepare. That is a weak argument as the trade-off with health is not worth it, but that’s a discussion for another post.

Today, we will be showing you a couple of immunity boosters that cost next to nothing and can be found right in your garden. They are far more nutritious and will keep your immune system on its guard in the event that it has to fight the Coronavirus.

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Here are some immunity boosters:

  1. Mushrooms: No, we’re not talking about any mood-altering effects here, sorry. Mushrooms are remarkable for two properties. First of all, they’re antioxidants which keeps the body free of toxins. Also, they reduce the risk of dealing with illnesses that COVID-19 can capitalize on to attack the immune system. Secondly, mushrooms aid the production of white blood cells which boost the body’s defence system.
  • Carrots: It turns out the rabbits might know what they’re doing! Carrots can be grown in your small garden patch, and they contain loads of Vitamin A and C. Just like antioxidants, carrots clean up any free radicals in your system. You might want to consider seed pots with more depth to accommodate carrots’ long roots.
  • Garlic, Onions, and Ginger: While renowned for making stews, soups, and other food taste great, these bulbs also have great medicinal value. They are known to destroy bacteria, and also double as antioxidants. If you don’t already have them growing in your garden, you can get started with just a little guidance.
  • Cabbage: You can purchase this at any grocery store, but the advantage of the home-grown variety is that you’re sure about the absence of any preservatives. Cabbage is also known to fight bacteria and even some viruses.
  • Fruits: You have no idea how lucky you are if your garden is big enough to contain fruits, especially those in the citrus family; Oranges, Lemons, and so on. They are some of the highest sources of vitamin c, which is integral to keeping the immune system in shape.

Building these recommendations above into your diet will improve the chances of your immune system overcoming a COVID-19 attack.

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