Simple Home Remedies For Fever That Are Cost-Effective and Readily Available

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Fevers are mostly engendered by infections, and could be seen as the prompt warning system of the body i.e. having a fever is a means for the body to combat an infection. Although harmless, fevers can beget substantial and undesirable discomfort to both adults and children. According to Marvel Ima, MD, “when the body experiences a fever, it doesn’t fail to regulate temperature, rather it does so at an elevated set point.”

What is Fever?

Fever also referred to pyrexia or hyperthermia could be defined as the temporary deviation of a person’s body temperature from the normal range towards a new and elevated setpoint, often because of illness. You would most likely experience a fever when your body is combating flu or excess toxins.

What Are the Symptoms that Accompany a Fever?

Generally, the normal body temperature is pegged at 98.6oF but could be different for varying body types. It is expected that temperature spikes could occur due to your eating pattern, feeling of excitement, excessive body insulation (clothing) and vigorous workouts. However, if your body temperature rises above 100oF, that could be an indication of an intense infection.

Some of the symptoms associated with a Fever include:

  • Elevated body temperature,
  • Skin Rash
  • Persistent Vomiting
  • Chest Pain and Breathing Difficulty
  • Severe Headache
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Muscle Aches
  • Irritation
  • Mental Confusion
  • Bright Light Sensitivity
  • Dehydration
  • Slight shivering
  • General Body Weakness and Aches

Infants and children between the age range of 0.5-5 years might exhibit repeated febrile seizure or convulsion.

Home Remedies for Fever

A lot of times, fever requires medical intervention to subside, though simple home remedies could actually go a long way. Here are some effective and safe home remedies for fever. Note that if the highlighted symptoms persist after engaging these home remedies, you may have to visit a doctor.

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  1. Take lots of Fluids to Stay Hydrated

A fever is characterised by elevated temperatures which can result in dehydration. To compensate for the lost fluids, the body needs to be hydrated. Take lots of water, watered-down natural juice and electrolyte replacement drinks to rehydrate your body.

  • Drink Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

ACV is known to effectively tackle fever because of its moderately acidic nature which draws out heat and leaves a cooling effect. The mineral and vitamin content of the ACV replenishes your body system with nutrients which kicks out toxins. To use Apple Cider Vinegar as a home remedy for fever, add one tbsp of honey and two teaspoons of ACV to one glass of water. Drink the mix 2-3 times daily to lower your temperature and achieve the best results.

  • Turn to Basil Leaves

This is an effectual herb for breaking a fever, and it’s been reported to be just as effective as major antibiotics out there. To get the best results, boil about 20 leaves of basil together with one teaspoon of pulverized ginger until the solution reduces to about half. Add some honey to the boiled mix and drink it 2-3 times daily for 3 days to relief your fever.

  • Get Enough Rest

Combating an infection in itself demands energy, and if you fail to get enough rest, you might just be on the edge. Rest is the body’s natural way of achieving a reset. Resting will ensure that your muscles are relaxed and your body equipped to fight off fever.

  • Try Some Garlic Juice

Naturally, Garlic is warm and promotes sweating, thereby breaking a fever. To use this home remedy, boil a cup of water and add one clove of pulverized garlic to it. Let the mixture settle for about 10 minutes, then strain out the juice. Take this garlic juice twice per day to lower your fever.

  • Grapes Are Good for Fever

Naturally, grapes are cooling and are packed with antioxidants to help boost your immune system and protect you against cold, flu, cough, and most especially, fever. To get rid of your fever, add half teaspoon of cumin, fennel and sandalwood powder to one cup of grape juice, and drink the mix.

  • Cut Down on Heavy Clothing

When you have a fever, your temperature is above the normal range, and dressing in heavy cloths will make matters worse. Ensure that you stay cool, wear only light clothing and sleep with light sheets and blankets.

  • Chicken Soup or Bone Broth

When experiencing a fever, downing a bowl of hot chicken soup or bone broth wouldn’t be a bad idea. First, it hydrates you i.e. increases your overall intake of fluids, while also flushing out toxins and regulating your overall body temperature.

  • Consume Greek Yoghurt

Generally, doctors recommend that patients experiencing a fever should consume at least a cup of Greek yoghurt. This drink does not only increase your fluid intake, but it also supplies your body system with infection-fighting bacteria and ward-off invading microbes. Also, Greek yoghurt is loaded with protein that hastens the natural healing process of the body.

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Other Helpful Hints

Try Bathing with Epsom Salt

Epsom salt hydrates the body and supplies it with magnesium while drawing out accumulated toxins. For an efficient Epsom salt bath, get warm water and add two cups of Epsom salt. Leave the water-salt mix for about 20-30 minutes if you’re an adult, and 10-15 minutes for kids.

Fight off Fever With Essential Oils

Essential oils like lavender oil, eucalyptus, cinnamon oil, coconut oil, ginger oil, rosemary, peppermint oil, sage oil and so on, are capable of inducing sweat by warming up the circulatory system, thereafter, providing soothing relief from fever.

To use essential oils, get some lavender oil and put a few drops into water (cool not hot). Soak a piece of fabric in the mix, and after some minutes, take out the fabric and place it on your forehead to achieve a relaxing and cooling effect. Alternatively, mix some drops of coconut oil with peppermint oil, and rub it at the rear of your neck and beneath your feet.

Last Lines

Fever is common in tropical regions and people have learned to live with it through the years with the use of natural remedies to quell the symptoms. You can live healthier with these remedies above.

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