What Has Dean Koontz Got To Do With COVID-19?

If you’re an active social media user or you’ve spent some time surfing the internet about COVID-19, you’ve surely come across the name Dean Koontz. You might be confused about the tweets or Facebook posts and wondering what a writer has to do with the raging pandemic. Not to worry, we’ll explain it all inContinue reading “What Has Dean Koontz Got To Do With COVID-19?”

How To Beat COVID-19 With A Befitting Diet

How To Boost Your Immunity With Proper Diet in a COVID-19 World The general reaction by the majority of people to the COVID-19 pandemic has been ‘fear.’ People are worried and afraid of getting infected or having their lives cut short while becoming another number in the growing statistics of COVID-19 casualties. Fortunately, you don’tContinue reading “How To Beat COVID-19 With A Befitting Diet”

How COVID-19 Impacts Tourism

Living With The Coronavirus Humans have a natural wanderlust; a desire to travel around, and “see the world”. Perhaps, one of the major advances of our time is the conversion of this wanderlust into a billion-dollar industry. Every year, millions of people around the world spend billions of dollars on flight tickets, hotel reservations, andContinue reading “How COVID-19 Impacts Tourism”

Best Practices for Shopping in A COVID-19 Period

The Shoppers’ Tips For Safe Shopping “Stay home and stay safe” These might just be the 5 most popular words in the year 2020. The COVID-19 epidemic has ravaged countries, leaving death, pain and sickness in its wake. To nip its spread in the bud, we all have a responsibility to stay indoors as muchContinue reading “Best Practices for Shopping in A COVID-19 Period”

Is COVID-19 Treatable? Here Is What We Know

What we know: How Covid-19 is treated at present Before talking about how the virus is treated, we would start by pointing out the things that do not work. Perhaps due to the anxiety surrounding the existence of this disease and the desire to return to regular life, several medicines and “magic” treatments have beenContinue reading “Is COVID-19 Treatable? Here Is What We Know”

The Origins of COVID-19

How Did COVID 19 Come About? The coronavirus disease, COVID 19, caught our world unawares, and the effects have been more than devastating. Currently, there are more than five million people infected with well over 300,000 deaths worldwide. Billions of dollars have been lost both in productive output as well as in palliative and healthcareContinue reading “The Origins of COVID-19”